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What is being efficient in insurance?

clock1Being efficient; meaning to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.  When a person is efficient, he is said to be working in a well-organised and competent way.
Does this describe your insurance business? Or is it possible that you could be operating more efficiently?
If at the end of each day you feel that you have been running just to stay still, then you probably need to sharpen up your efficiency. The good news is, by implementing insurance software increasing your efficiency is easier than you think.
Partner this up with cloud based solutions, improved communication systems, the latest technology and a general improvement in services across the board, and you will soon have a well-oiled insurance business that runs like clockwork.
Let the software sell
If your broker software does not include CRM (customer relationship management), then upgrade now. Your client communication becomes streamlined, ensuring you contact your customers at the right time to upgrade, up-sell, or renew.
Your software should also be fully automated as much as possible, to save an employee the job of counter-checking and sending out reminders. This leaves that staff member free to undertake the very important task of physically spending time chatting with customers – something no computer can successfully do.
On the go communications
As an insurance broker or agent it is essential that you visit with customers face-to-face. To allow your staff to work more efficiently when away from the office ensure they have access to mobile broadband and smartphones.
This allows instant access with the office, via different communication channels such as email and Skype. This is also where your cloud based software and documentation comes into its own, giving your team access anywhere to the office based systems and files.
Not only is this great for customer relations, it also opens up the advantages of work from home days. Depending on how you operate your business, working from home can be highly efficient, both in terms of time and money.
Streamline the office
officedeskIn any office, time is wasted on over long meetings, non-urgent tasks, communications and not using the best technology for the project. Consider installing shared document applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Docs. This saves time emailing information back and forth.
If meetings are a must, call a meeting first thing and make it a standing meeting. More gets done in a short time when your staff are on their feet, and impatient to get going with their day. Stick to agendas and keep to a specific time slot.
Use video conferencing, Google hangouts and Skype video for long distance meetings – the time spent travelling can be utilised effectively elsewhere.
Like many business, the success of your insurance business relies heavily on excellent products and great customer service. By becoming more streamlined and using quality insurance software, you can free up more time to spend increasing the quality of the experience your customer has with you. And not only that, you will never miss a renewal or a chance to upsell again. Check out Insly features here.

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