Meet the new backbone to your insurance operation

We’ve built a modular platform that enables implementing a wide range of insurance processes with little manual labour (low-code or no-code, depending on your product).

Your time is precious

We build your products

We configure the system for your products and product rules. No product is too simple or too complicated, and there are no geographical restrictions.


Premium calculators

Complex premium calculators (and by complex we mean that hundreds of variables in a multi-section product is not an issue)


Distibrution enabled

True online products, for distribution through a broker network, or for direct online sales


Advanced feature set

Binding, MTA-s, endorsements, bordereaux and many other advanced capabilities


Deliver quotes quickly

Quick, professional
looking quotes

A quick, exhaustive, professional quote lays the groundwork for a lasting customer relationship. With Insly’s automation, our customers have cut down the time spent on compiling a quote up to 8 times.

  • Superior efficiency
    Calculate premiums and compile offers semi-automatically
  • Ready to be processed
    Store, edit, present to the customer, and convert to policies
  • No dumb work
    No rekeying between quote and policy
  • Rules-based
    Implementation of rating rules (referrals and declines) and conditional questions to allow for complex or simple data capture logic

Take your policy processing and administration to the next level


Quote and bind

Issue and manage policies with a quote and bind capability


Dynamic documentation

Generate documents dynamically only for selected covers



Include multiple objects (e.g. houses, vehicles, planes) under one fleet policy.



Adjust risk and commission share percentage between multiple insurers



Process cancellations and pro-rata refunds easily


Mid-term adjustments and endorsements

MTA-s and endorsements can be processed in entirety by the requesting broker/customer, with customizable safeguards that give you control over this process

You set the rules, we make it happen

Automate your

Getting your innovative insurance products to market has never been easier! Give your brokers the ability to quickly quote and bind your products. But why stop there? With Insly, your brokers can have their own system complete with policy and customer administration, customer invoicing and their own MI reports while you enjoy full control and visibility thanks to data sync and automated underwriting controls.


Multi-level distribution support

Full-cycle policy and customer administration portals for brokers, wholesale brokers, MGA-s and other partners for distributing your products efficiently, with great oversight



Customisable underwriting workflow complete with internal and external referrals


Binder management

Sophisticated binder management section with user-definable limits and coinsurance functionality


White labeling

The broker distribution portal reflects your brand and that of your retail partners


Lapse quotes

Lapse quotes not taken up automatically according to Binder rules and track such transactions

Future is now

Conquer the online

Direct to consumer online distribution is the future of personal lines insurance. However, building the online quote and bind solution has been too risky of a proposition. Not with Insly. Our feature set and modular build includes capabilities for bringing online sales solutions to market


Online premium calculators

Once your calculators are built to Insly, the forms can be displayed online for instant automatic calculations.


Customer account management

Customers fill in their information only once, and can then get new quotes instantly, as well as access their earlier policies and quotes.


Online payments

Integrations with a wide range of credit card payment processors, and PayPal.



Customers can file claims and track claims statuses

Tame your accounting

Managing a profitable portfolio is what makes a great underwriter.

Insly’s double-entry ledger and premium accounting features help you make sure every cent is accounted for.

Call in Insly



Create and send policy invoices automatically

Broker statements

At a glance overview of your broker balances


Support for any instalment options your policy payment plans provide

Multi-currency support

Invoices, instalments and payment tracking in multiple currencies s

Premium reconciliation

Track premiums coming in and premiums moving out of your trust accounts

Tax accounting

Configure any type of tax rates and schemes per territory

Automate your renewals

Keep your renewals coming in

Losing renewal business is always a shame. With Insly, you can keep your upcoming renewals effortlessly under control, reduce the manual workload and improve your renewal rates significantly.


Renewal reminders

Automatic dashboard reminders for all policies about to expire for you to follow up on


Automatic Renewal Quotes

At the right time,  system compiles the renewal quote for you and sends it to the client/broker


Auto-renewal flags

Flagged policies will automatically create new contract documents upon expiry. Unflag the policy for a more personal follow up.

Reporting you have been waiting for

Flexible reporting

Most insurance software solutions handle only a limited set of predefined reports. With Insly’s atomic data model, every field you capture becomes a measurable parameter to be used in custom reports, statements and dashboards.


Bordereaux / insurer reports

Comply with your insurers data requirements and produce written/paid/claim bdx with the click of a button. Send data to your insurer electronically in real-time or via a good old-fashioned excel bdx.

No rekeying or “bordereaux technicians” required.


Commission reporting

Who gets how much for what? Enable transparent commission monitoring, reporting and accounting for your team and all parts of your distribution chain.


Accounting reports

Thanks to the built-in double entry accounting ledger, rigorous accounting reports like P&L statements and Trial Balance are produced with ease.


Management Information (MI)

Create custom business intelligence reports and dashboards from any piece of information you collect.

API integrations for everything else

Your essential feature missing above?

We’ve got API for that


3rd party applications

Connect Insly to your accounting, business intelligence or other management software solutions


Risk selection databases integration

Connect your Insly installation with 3rd party services, such as Sanctions Checks, Flood Database, Crime Database, MID, Vehicle Lookup, Google Maps location services, Electronic Signature, Credit Checks

Aggregator connections

Aggregator connections

Wish to market your products on Aggregator sites? Through our API this is now possible