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Insly at the Broker ExpoSouth

Insly is in London to stay and to make sure our brand stands out and gets noticed on the UK’s insurance brokers market. It was important to start an active dialogue with the brokers here, so we participated in the Broker Expo. This was an excellent opportunity to meet and greet over 200 UK brokers at one event.
Our team members, Ando and Ott had an active dialogue with more than 20 brokers who all liked the simplicity, functionality and flexibility of the Insly system.
The brokers we met shared our concerns over the problems with their current IT solutions. Like us, they found the UK IT service providers do not offer enough flexibility, the systems are not user-friendly and that they are expensive to purchase and maintain.
We are looking forward to other similar events as they provide the perfect platform from which to interact with our prospective clients and understand their everyday challenges.
PS. Our team was the only one not to wear suits and ties – whether good or bad, somebody has to do things a bit differently here :)

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