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Insly pitch on Demo Day

12 of November was the grand finale of our Insly Startupbootcamp programme – the Demo Day. Usually one would expect the classical setup of a large stage where companies can present their ideas one after another. The approach taken by us was slightly different. The Startupbootcamp Demo Day was held in very crowded environment – big hall where 10 companies were pitching at the same time. Much like today’s business world choices had to be made both by the participants (which teams to view?) and by the companies presenting (who to best share your message with the audience?). Due to the conditions just explained then no filming of the different pitches took place. As a result we are not able to share the demo day pitch video but rather we can share with you the video of the pitch that we recorded one day before the Demo Day. It is quite identical to our Demo Day pitch but just without an applause and Q&A session. Have a look and let us know what you think.

Picture of real Demo Day environment:
And Insly team on stage

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