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How we can help you?

Insly provides a fully extensible suite of insurance software solutions that can be combined with your own custom modules to both simplify and completely automate all tasks required to run a successful insurance business.

Low-Code product builder

All the parts you need: forms, workflows, rating engine, document template editor, endorsement library, capacity management and so much more.

Product distribution

Broker channel support out of the box. APIs expose everything and allow you to create the perfect Direct-to-Consumer experience.

Underwriting and policy admin

Automate cookie cutter cases for new sales and mid-term policy changes and automated renewals.

Premium Handling and reporting

All the premium accounting taken care of. Bordereaux and management reports in one click. Build your own custom reports.


Lightweight, but flexible.


Pull in 3rd party data to help your underwriters make better decisions. Integrate with the rest of your tech stack, legacy or modern.

Insurance easily

Innovation sounds like a daunting technical phrase. Here’s what it will mean to you.


  • Brokers send you emails to get proposals and you email them proposals back. Same with policies.
  • Wait until the end of month to see how much each broker sold.
  • Only your accountant knows when the premium was paid and when it was transferred to the insurer.
  • Change in your insurance products (documents, tariffs, forms, referral rules) take weeks/months and always cost too much.
  • You either do not have enough data to learn from or have no idea how to make use of it.
  • To grow your business you need to recruit more employees to deal with administration and compliance.
  • Frustration


  • Brokers log into your software, calculates prices and issues policies themselves.
  • Online dashboard with up to the second data.
  • You can see all transactions on your policy screen with clear audit trails.
  • You log into your system make the required change, everyone sees it immediately, and it costs you nothing.
  • You feel like a real data scientist with easy-to-use interfaces that help you dig into and make sense of your data.
  • Fully automated system makes your business as scalable as Amazon.
  • Happiness

Test the Water

Innovation is a matter of swim or drown and Insly helps you surf. Yet, there is a time and place to invest in insurance software solutions. Find out if a digital transformation makes sense for you before jumping in.

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Savings with insly ~73%

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