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Podcast: How to Bring Innovation to Insurance Industry?

Market Minds has recorded a very fun and captivating podcast with Insly’s CEO and founder Risto Rossar and project manager Mart Parve, introducing Insly as a cloud based CRM and policy administration business for insurance industry.
Conversation is centered how to bring innovation to insurance industry. How right now the industry wastes energy and which steps needs to be taken to change this. Discussion about the current state of London’s insurance market and if and how it needs to be renewed.
Listen to the interview and find out how Insly is digitalising insurance intermediation business by helping all insurance brokers and MGA’s to become 100% digital, leading them to achieve bigger sales and lower costs.
Find out what are the key components for „winning the game“.
Also, some entertaining stories about the speed of operating of Estonian insurance companies and checking business which still excists in some countries.