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Work in Insly

#WorkInInsly and help digitalize the insurance industry!

We’re always on the lookout for great talent in software development, marketing, sales and other areas. If our mission and values resonate with you then we might have a surfboard waiting for you in our office!

Our mission is to digitalize and connect the $4 trillion insurance industry, reduce the cost of insurance for customers, and help them receive better insurance services.

Before you dive into a job application, please take a look at the core values that drive Inslians.

What we value at Insly

Freedom to build

Inslians have the flexibility of arranging their work as they want. But freedom should not come at the expense of commitment and accountability. Only trustworthy people can truly be free. We are self-motivated and self-reliant and do not need sticks or carrots or constant monitoring to get things done. We value results over process but not risk.

Trustworthy and accountable

We trust each other. We take time to build that trust. We keep our promises and when we see rough waters ahead, we quickly warn that we may not be able to keep them. Inslians carefully explain the risks and issues they see coming and carefully listen. We are structured and have a system in place to store and track the promises that we make and the risks that we carry.

Being trustworthy also means that when the worst happens, we do whatever it takes to not lose our customer’s and each other’s trust.

Transparent and non-judgemental

Inslians at all levels are transparent about everything – numbers, plans, failures, risks, successes, skills, worries, etc. We reason about these things in a non-judgmental way. We pause when something does not make sense, take the time to honestly reason about what we see, communicate our worries and listen carefully. We avoid knee-jerk reactions and take pride in the decisions that we make. We try to make everyone around us better.

We do not sugar coat the truth, but you can always trust it was given for a good reason which makes it much easier to handle.

Be an owner and a leader

We lead by example, own our problems, and take out the trash. We are never arrogant towards our colleagues and strive to make those around us better. Problems have no rank but should be owned. If nobody or no team owns a problem, they will work to find an owner — but not by pushing trash around.

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