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Insly table tennis tournament winner announced

Armido Hirvelaan (on the right side of the above image) from the product team emerged victorious in the high-stakes Insly table tennis tournament. CEO Risto Rossar nabbed the second place, whereas software developer Roland Krindal came third.
The preparation period for Insly table tennis athletes has not been so great this year. Training sessions were skipped routinely, with reasons ranging from new MGA implementations to customers around the world visiting us to plan the next steps with us. Some contestants picked up the paddle for the first time in years.
„If only table tennis were our company’s sole raison d’être,” sighs the lead coach when asked for his comments on the preparation period. „However, itis understandable that insurance software takes precedence over table tennis in Insly, since in the former we’re leading edge, whereas our table tennis team is amateurish at best…”
Despite the lax training season, the tournament still turned out to be passionate and exciting. Qualifying rounds were even battles with a number of very closely matched games and it came as a complete surprise that Armido Hirvlaan, the Product Team Lead, managed to maintain his winning streak. Rarely has anyone seen Armido playing table tennis before.
CEO Risto Rossar was counting on his management experience to give him the competitive edge, which helped initially fast tracking him through a number of victorious matches. Eventually he still failed to establish a clear framework around managing the ball, paddle, net and table - a shortcoming that made it possible for Armido to take home the grand prize. Congratulations!