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Insly Unveils AI-powered Product Builder for Rapid, Effortless Onboarding

Insly’s Innovation Lab is developing an AI-powered product builder, to be released in 2024, which will significantly speed up implementation. Watch a video demo with our CEO, Risto Rossar below:

Artificial intelligence (AI), specifically large language models (LLMs) and generative AI have been the buzzwords of the year, and we’re working hard to give our customers ‘AI superpowers’ on the Insly platform  Now, we’re excited to announce that our R&D team, the Insly Innovation Lab, has developed a beta version of an  AI-powered product builder that will transform the speed and efficiency of customer implementation on the platform. 

“Insly has been exploring potential use cases for generative AI and LLMs, and it made sense to start with an area that has always been our passion; how to onboard customers quickly, cheaply, and with as little stress as possible,” comments Risto Rossar, Founder and CEO of Insly. “After developing our latest low/no-code platform, our average onboarding time is 600 hours, but our ambition is to onboard almost instantaneously in the future. We see AI as critical to achieving that aim.” 

Streamlining the process of building insurance products is the first step, and with the AI product builder it’s possible to build a product form based on text-based instructions, or even an image of text, for example, notes on a whiteboard or notebook, rather than the usual Insly drag and drop functionality. 

This will make the process faster and more accessible to those without technical knowledge of the platform and product forms. Drawing on pre-fed insurance product data, the AI algorithm can also suggest recommendations of what should be included, or what might be missing, based on its understanding of product requirements. Insly anticipates having a version ready to be used by customers at some point in 2024. 

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