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Meet Hammad Mirza, our Head of Growth and Marketing

We had a chat with Hammad Mirza, our Head of Growth and Marketing. Hammad says that his time at Insly has been very exploratory so far, because insurance is a new industry for him. He has experience in growth and marketing in education, financial, and recruitment tech - industries that have faced a rapid digital reform - he wanted to seize the opportunity to facilitate digitalisation of insurance.

Hammad says that Insly differentiates from other insurtechs by the combination of features we deliver, that is full-cycle insurance administration from quote and bind to accounting. Such a flexible, customisable, and innovative product is hard to find on the market which is why he enjoys explaining to customers how they can benefit from using digital insurance products. Continue reading to find out what Hammad’s journey at Insly has been like.

What has your journey been like at Insly?

I joined Insly this summer, so just a few months ago. I have previously worked in the financial, education, and recruitment technology industries. A lot of the work I do in growth and marketing is industry agnostic. The opportunity to join Insly came on and since insurtech was a field I hadn’t been involved in, I wanted to see how I could facilitate the digitalisation of insurance. During the last few years, digital reform has accelerated in all the industries I’ve had experience in before and as insurance is the second largest sector by volume after banking, it seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on. I also had a lot of confidence in the team and product.

So far, my journey has been very exploratory since insurance is a new field to me. I knew insurance from a consumer perspective, not from a business or, even more, B2B perspective. Understanding the terminology, nuances, the meaning of processes from quote and bind to claims, as well as having product demos have been a new learning curve. Finding out who the industry influencers and competitors are and learning what they do has helped me to improve my knowledge on Insly’s position in the market. Understanding the target audience, the industry, the messages that work, and the channels we can use to target this demographic has also been important.

I have also been laying the groundwork for successful growth and there’s a lot to be done in the early stages. Insly has spent a lot of resources on product development and in order for marketing to support that, we need to build foundations for it. If these are strong enough, we can start adding different layers and trying new things.

You work at Insly as Head of Growth and Marketing. As simple as possible: what do you do and how does that help customers?

My role is to translate to customers how they can benefit from using digital insurance products and becoming a digital insurance business. I explain what insurers and MGAs need to go through on that journey. Having multiple touch points across different channels and stakeholders from MGA Managers to Underwriters, my goal is to deliver that message in depth and in breadth, in the right place and at the right time.

What makes Insly different from other insurtechs?  

Insly differentiates by the combination of features we deliver - that is full cycle insurance administration. There are a lot of simple solution insurtechs who specialise in one function, e.g. quote and bind, claims management, or accounting. There is nothing out there that combines these functions that are complementary to each other. Especially the kind that can be used by multiple stakeholders and is suited to their roles. Insly’s product is so customisable in a way that many traditional rigid and inflexible insurance products are not.

Describe Insly in three words. 

Especially in terms of the product, Insly has a mix that’s hard to find on the market:

  1. flexible;
  2. customisable;
  3. innovative;

Can you point out some of the most interesting projects you have been involved in?

The main project on my hands has been migrating our CRM platform. Alongside that, launching global campaigns and defining top-level customer communications to re-engage all prospects in our database depending on who they are and what their role is.

A relevant topic has been understanding the customer demographic, brainstorming on the messaging, and developing the framework for experimentation together with measures of success. I believe that testing assumptions and learning from that are crucial, especially in the early stage of marketing a product.

I’d like to use the opportunity to encourage our readers to share their ideas and feedback. If you have suggestions in terms of product or marketing, feel free to drop me an e-mail at hammad.mirza@insly.com/en. No matter if you are an Insurer, Broker, MGA, or a product developer, all ideas are welcome! Our team is curious about what questions and topics matter to you the most.


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