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The Ultimate Insurance Software Buyer’s Guide

Insurance software has advanced rapidly in the last few years and there are now countless options available for MGAs, insurers, and brokers. But, with so many providers on the market, getting your head around what you need and then evaluating which solution is best for you isn’t easy. How do you know which insurance software will meet your requirements, and deliver the best ROI in terms of efficiency savings, customer satisfaction, and increased sales/revenues? 

If you’re looking to digitise your operations or update your legacy systems but don’t know where to start, then our Insurance Software Buyers Guide is here to help. A downloadable e-book, it covers all the steps you need to go through when purchasing insurance software, so you’ll be sure to make the right purchase for your business.  

Laying the groundwork 

From outlining your objectives, to mapping your processes, agreeing on must-haves, and setting a budget, the guide explains all the key points to think about before shortlisting and approaching potential providers. Don’t have time to manage the process yourself? We have tips for that too.  

Shortlisting and testing providers 

What should you look for when researching the market? And what is the best way to approach providers? The guide outlines best practices for evaluating potential software partners, RFPs (requests for proposals), and how to test systems effectively. 


Purchasing insurance software is a huge decision, with the potential to supercharge your business growth. Our guide ensures you feel confident making a final decision, by involving key stakeholders, understanding fee structures, and sourcing references from other users, plus how to start preparing for successful implementation.

Register now to download our Insurance Software Buyers Guide and kick off your digitisation journey. 

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