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New Insly Help Center launched!

Need quick help with managing users or perhaps your tax settings need to be configured or edited? Insly Support Team has answered these and many other questions in helpful articles that can be found in Insly Help Centre! The Help Centre currently consists of over 50 articles covering a wide variety of features available in Insly as well as different How-To articles and FAQs.

As plenty of basic features are covered, the Help Centre gives our clients the necessary information to set their instance up without needing to contact our Support Team for explanations about simple functionalities - all the questions and tips related to using Insly system is answered in the Help Centre! For example, you can find guides on how quotes and policies work, how to manage products, how to set up your commission rates, and much more.

In addition to making things easier to our clients, Insly Help Centre also provides our Support Team with a better insight about their questions as the feature enables to track the number of article views and feedback left to the articles. This also helps our team to have an overview of our clients' needs and keep the articles updated accordingly.

The Help Centre has already allowed our customer support specialists to work smarter by giving more detailed answers much quicker. This, in turn, helps our Support Team to concentrate better on client-specific requests and more difficult questions.

You can find our Help Centre by clicking here or simply typing help.insly.com/en to your browser!