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Insly at the Global InsurTech Summit 2019 supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS)

Insly was participating at the Global InsurTech Summit 2019 in London on March 6-8 supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS).

Enterprise Estonia (EAS)

Established in 2000, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) promotes business and regional policy in Estonia and is one of the largest institutions within the national support system for entrepreneurship by providing financial assistance, counselling, cooperation opportunities and training for entrepreneurs, research institutions, the public, and non-profit sectors.
Insly was supported in participating at the event Global Insurtech Summit in London by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) with the Foreign Fair Support. Project number EU52916. Maximum financial support by EAS was 7400€.

Global InsurTech Summit 2019

The event was taking place to connect with the shapers of the future of insurtech (insurance technology).
The purpose of participating at the event for Insly:

  • Connecting with the most senior individuals in the insurtech and insurance space;
  • Explore what strategies insurance companies are taking to address the challenges and opportunities they face;
  • Learn from experts how to identify and implement the right innovation strategy;
  • Get Insly product in front of active buyers and influencers.
  • Engage with investors from venture firms and insurance providers.

The conclusion for Insly
Insly met many insurtech leaders, CEOs of insurance companies and brokers and had some good contacts to start negotiations. Some conclusions about the event:

  • Bain & Partners report on Insurance - Customers Know What They Want. Are Insurers Listening?
  • Investments into B2C oriented insurtech companies are potentially overvalued, and as the insurtech sector matures, commercial insurance focused solutions might bring more success stories.
  • Data analytics in underwriting and claims will lead to the next major wins for insurance companies.
  • Contact with Truepic. Cool tech like investigative picture verification tools, very handy in the claim process.

Global InsurTech Summit 2019: Märtin Kosk, Insly from Advertainment Media on Vimeo.