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Insly wins silver at the "Family-friendly employer" contest!

October has been a really successful month for us! Why? We are really happy to announce that last week, on October 17, Insly won the 2nd place (basically a silver medal) at the "Family-friendly employer" contest here in Estonia!
What's it about? The competition has been running since the early 2000s to recognize family- and employee-friendly companies. These are organizations that value their employees and contribute to family-friendly work culture and work-life balance. The Family-friendly Employer label was launched to help promote family-friendly values even more. Furthermore, the program helps to raise public awareness of the importance of a family-friendly work environment for both job performance and employee's private life. Receiving the label is an acknowledgment to the employer and also helps employees who value family-friendly values ​​to make wise choices.
Why is it important to be a family-friendly employer? The balance between family and private life is important for everybody - that's why it's necessary for the employer to look at their employees from the perspective of their entire lives, understanding and supporting the strengths and challenges of a particular stage of life. Adhering to family-friendly principles will help employees live a more balanced life, with a positive impact on both working hours and employers.
We in Insly were really honored to accept the recognition. Overall, there were 54 employers who got the label. Congratulations to all of our people in Insly, and of course, to all the other companies who received a recognition!
If you want to be a part of our family-friendly company, be sure to keep an eye on our vacancies.
Insly at family friendly companies award
Photos: Arno Mikkor

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