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Digitising your insurance broker sales process just got easier

Insurance brokers are more important than ever in the current economic climate, as customers seek out the best insurance deals amid a cost-of-living crisis. But faced with a hard market, rising overheads and fierce competition, brokers need to do everything they can to win new customers and boost efficiency, while complying with regulations such as the new Consumer Duty rules. BrokerFlow, Insly’s new sales software for brokers, can help.     

As consumers look to trim their outgoings, insurance brokers play a vital role, using their networks and market knowledge to find the best cover, at the best price. Yet, in many cases, brokers are selling themselves short through disjointed, manual, and inconsistent sales processes, which impact efficiency, user experience, and can ultimately mean customers go elsewhere.

Customers today want a fast, convenient sales process, that clearly shows their options and recommendations, while making it easy to accept and purchase the most suitable cover. Insly’s new no-code broker sales software, BrokerFlow, makes this possible – with no digital expertise needed - helping brokers to streamline the workflow between customers and insurers, to boost sales, drive growth, and ensure happy customers.

A seamless digital process - from application to purchase

Application forms, risk surveys and customer proposals are critical to the broker sales process, enabling brokers to understand customer needs, gather insurance quotes and present these back to the customer. Yet many brokers still create these documents manually using a combination of Word, Excel, PDF, and email, which can be time-consuming and inefficient, while also lacking professionalism and standardisation across a business.

BrokerFlow automates and streamlines all this heavy lifting with a seamless digital process:

  1. Applications: Professional application (request for quote) forms are sent to the customer or hosted on the broker website, replacing Word documents sent over email. Forms can also be connected to third-party data sources to ease form filling, e.g., extracting company data from an official company register, or car registration database.
  2. Risk assessment: With application forms finalised and confirmed, brokers can automatically generate a broker risk survey or product application form in the exact template of target insurers. This removes the need to rekey information, streamlines the quote gathering process, and helps to build stronger relationships with insurers.
  3. Proposals: Once quotes are received, the system will automatically build clear, branded pdf proposals to share with customers, along with a link to an acceptance form if they decide to go ahead.
  4. Renewals: At the end of the policy, BrokerFlow will automatically generate a renewal form based on a customer’s existing policy details, which are shared via a link for the customer to review and edit. This gives brokers and customers total control and transparency over the renewal process, while maximising the opportunity for customer satisfaction and retention.

Fast, easy implementation 

As many broker teams lack specialist digital expertise in-house, BrokerFlow is designed for non-IT professionals with a low/no-code setup. This makes it easy to implement, onboard and use, without extensive IT development time or specialist skills. It also integrates easily with other systems through built-in APIs, ensuring all documents and systems are updated automatically, removing the need to copy data between different platforms.


Built for brokers

Unlike generic proposal or sales software, BrokerFlow has been built to meet the exact needs of insurance brokers and their customers. Insly has already been supplying insurance brokers in Eastern Europe for nearly 10 years, with over 5,000 broker clients using its solutions in these markets. Best known for its global no-code MGA platform, BrokerFlow combines Insly’s broker expertise with the company’s existing no-code foundations.

The next step in your digital journey?

Brokers have already come on leaps and bounds in digitising how they work, but many want to go further. A recent Aviva study found that 70% of brokers are keen to further digitise and automate their operations, with over half (58%) saying the primary motivation is to improve customer service.

For those that don’t know where to start with their digitisation journey, or who are looking to make the next step, the sales and proposal process is one area where huge gains can be made, with minimal disruption to the business. Now, with BrokerFlow, transforming your customer experience has never been more straightforward.   

To find out more about BrokerFlow or to arrange a demonstration, visit https://info.insly.com/broker-proposal-software

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