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Insly launches BrokerFlow – global, no code, sales software for brokers

Insly, the no code software provider, has launched BrokerFlow, a tool enabling brokers to digitise their sales workflow, including application forms, risk surveys and customer proposals. Marking the first time that Insly has brought its market-leading technology to the global broker market, BrokerFlow will enable brokers to streamline their sales funnel, and help clients to make better insurance decisions.

Best known for its global no code MGA platform, Insly is also the market leader for broker software in Poland, Estonia, and Latvia, with over 5,000 brokers using its country-specific solutions in these markets. The new product will bring Insly’s broker experience and expertise to a global audience, while building on the company’s existing no code foundations.

Brokers regularly create proposals for customers, presenting several insurer quotes along with their recommended option. Many brokers still create these documents manually, which can be time-consuming and mean that proposals lack standardisation across a business. Meanwhile, many brokers are still assessing customer risks by sending Excel or Word files back and forth.

BrokerFlow digitises the entire process, from sending professional application forms to customers (request for quote), to gathering quotes from insurers, and then automatically building clear, branded pdf proposal documents to share with customers.

The tool also digitises the quote acceptance process via online submission forms and enables brokers to replace manual risk assessments with online forms to be completed by either the broker or the end customer. Finally, it can help brokers with their renewal management, automatically generating a renewal form based on existing details and sharing a link for the customer to review and edit.

Designed for non-IT professionals, Insly's low/no code setup makes digitisation easy, enabling brokers to implement systems or make changes without extensive IT development time or specialist skills. Through built-in APIs, it is also designed to integrate seamlessly with existing CRM, policy administration and finance systems, updating all relevant documents automatically and aiding compliance. It can also connect to third-party data sources to make form filling quicker and easier.

“Coming from an insurance background, Insly understands the industry better than most software providers,” commented Risto Rossar, Founder and CEO of Insly. “We have already been supplying brokers in Eastern Europe for 10 years, and we wanted to combine this expertise with our no code capabilities, which are already well established in the global MGA market. The result is BrokerFlow, enabling brokers to rapidly digitise a key area of their workflow, which is critical to generating sales, driving growth, and ensuring happy customers.”

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