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Top 10 most innovative MGAs in Canada

Canada’s MGA sector is growing fast, as customers seek targeted and niche cover to protect them from evolving risks. There are now more than 80 MGAs across the country, and in commercial lines, they make up around 10% of gross written premium. Plus, there is still huge potential for innovation and growth, with predictions that the market will double in the next five years. 

However rapid growth also means increased competition amongst MGAs for new and existing market segments, capacity relationships, and customer spending. Hence, the pressure is on them to think differently, and innovate across products, operations, and technology, to ensure they can protect their revenue streams, and grow. Here is our pick of the ten Canadian MGAs that stand out for their proactive and forward-thinking approach: 


A pioneer of online insurance, Apollo has built its proprietary technology platform, giving it full control over its products and the speed of innovation. It prioritises the customer experience, promising policy purchases in less than a minute for its tenant insurance, plus it’s a trailblazer in embedded insurance, recently announcing the milestone of 1,000 embedded integrations.

Boxx Insurance

Cyber insurance has become a vital tool for businesses and individuals, and Boxx has developed a truly 360-degree solution, which combines threat prediction, prevention, and insurance for small businesses and homes. Clients can be confident they are fully covered and Boxx protects its margins by reducing claims risk. So it’s a win-win. 

Ridge Canada

Another cyber specialist on the purely commercial side, Ridge Canada is focused on the role of data and governance in keeping businesses secure. Recently onboarded with Insly, the company is building the data foundations to empower its underwriters to build the most accurate and responsive cover possible, while providing clients with valuable insights to help them secure their systems. Read more about their digital journey here

Forward Insurance

Previously known as Plus Underwriting Managers, Forward Insurance rebranded in 2022 following an acquisition, and it has gone from strength to strength since then. Launching several new products including cyber and professional liability, it has also invested in an innovative new broker platform, JET, which makes its entire product suite available 24/7. 

Strategic Underwriting Managers 

SUM is an ideal example of how to serve niche and emerging segments, something it has done successfully in the Canadian Cannabis market. Since insuring the first licensed supplier of medical marijuana in 2003, the company has grown its capabilities to a full range of products, following the legalisation of the drug in 2018. It is now the largest underwriter in the Cannabis segment in Canada, with clients spanning producers, clinics, consultants, R&D, cosmetics, and beyond.  

CHES Special Risk 

One of the most established MGAs in the Canadian market, CHES Special Risk never stops innovating its offering. It now has over 300 products spanning jewellery stores, student rentals, vape stores, high-end homeowners, property & general liability, convenience stores, tattoo and skin art, and beyond. It also recently announced a new offering, infectious disease liability (IDL) insurance, to help navigate risks associated with infectious diseases in the wake of Covid-19. 

ProRisk Underwriters

A specialist in management liability insurance, ProRisk Underwriters offers an additional layer of protection by providing every customer with a corporate governance rating and advising on best practice. Developed in partnership with Canada's largest independent governance advisory firm, the Governance Evaluator helps ProRisk to underwrite policies more accurately while aiding businesses in reducing the risk of any governance issues, and therefore the need to claim. 

Trinity Underwriting 

Trinity is focused on the Canadian startup and SME market, and it regularly develops new products to cover emerging risks and technologies, such as its recently launched fintech insurance. The company also places huge importance on educating its broker network on new sectors' risks so they can advise clients as effectively as possible. 

PAL Canada 

Founded in 1989, PAL Canada has always been ahead of the curve; the business founder coined “Party Alcohol Liability” to describe insurance required for events serving alcohol. More than 30 years later, it is still innovating, as one of the first MGAs to launch an online platform where customers can apply for and obtain specialty events insurance, in minutes.


Specialising in the Canadian aviation sector, Avro is differentiated on the breadth of its coverage and its technical knowledge of client businesses. Successfully straddling the traditional elements of aviation along with emerging technologies and risks, its policies span airport owners, buildings, commercial airlines, private aircrafts, and unmanned vehicles. As an Insly client, the company has also digitised its in-house operations, utilising the platform to manage underwriting and claims. 

Constant innovation is critical as an MGA, but it is only possible with the right mid to back-office systems to drive operational efficiency, reduce manual administration, and provide data visibility and reporting.

Insly’s low-code software is built by insurance specialists for MGAs, and it is flexible and scalable to your business needs. With a modular approach, the Insly platform covers the entire insurance lifecycle and integrates seamlessly with existing software and systems. 

We work with several Canadian MGAs and the benefits are clear, with clients seeing fast ROI through improved processes, reduced overheads, a shorter sales cycle, and greater profitability.

To find out more about how Insly can help your MGA on its innovation journey, book a demo with us today.

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