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Insly “handpicked” for 2023 PwC Scale InsurTech Programme

Insly has been chosen as one of ten insurtech scale ups that will take part in the 2023 PwC Scale InsurTech Programme. The initiative, delivered in collaboration between PwC and GrowthBuilders, is designed to support the growth of fast growth insurtechs, while connecting them with large insurance companies, to accelerate digital innovation and transformation across the sector. 

The 12-week programme will provide Insly with the opportunity to leverage PwC’s corporate network and expertise, while upskilling through its business growth curriculum, which covers topics such as sales and marketing, operational growth, use case optimisation, and leading through growth. PwC has already run over 50 Scale Programmes in the UK working with over 500 scale-ups.

Insly and the rest of the 2023 cohort have been chosen due to their close alignment with the challenges faced by PwC’s large insurance clients, with the aim of developing long-term solutions. PwC says that the cohort has been: “handpicked based on our view of impact and their ability to drive lasting change across insurance.”

“Our decision to engage with this initiative underscores not just our ambition but our unyielding commitment to remain at the vanguard of insurtech transformation. Being part of this programme offers us an invaluable opportunity,” commented Risto Rossar, founder and CEO of Insly. “It grants us unmatched access to a network teeming with industry-leading mentors, investors, customers, and peers. More than a platform for growth, this programme is a testament to our unwavering dedication to ensuring Insly remains a beacon of innovation in the insurtech landscape.” 

 Andrew Caswell, PwC Scale | InsurTech Programme Director, said: “Utilising and partnering with innovative, scaled Insurtechs will allow insurers to accelerate their own transformations to better exploit new ways of working, more personalised experiences, and the creation of broader ecosystems and platforms. The time has never been better for insurtechs and insurers to work together in enhancing the social purpose and utility of the insurance sector. This cohort of Insurtechs have been handpicked by us based on our view of their impact and their ability to drive lasting change across insurance."

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